Survival Fund

We heard you loud and clear on the need for immediate financial help.

We’re stepping up and aiming to raise $100,000 to distribute to people in need.

Survival Fund

The Coming Together Vancouver team has created a Survival Fund for the People to provide immediate, direct financial aid to Vancouverites in need. The requests of many community members on our Facebook Group tell a clear story of people needing financial support to meet basic needs now. Many are in precarious positions without enough funds to put food on the table, refill prescriptions, or pay utility bills before the government emergency benefits packages begin in April.

Donating Funds

Please donate if you can and share widely! Let’s continue to show up in a big way for members in our community who are having a hard time making ends meet.

Accessing Funds

PLEASE NOTE: Round 2 for applications will open soon.

Round 1 closed on March 26, 2020.

When the next round opens, please use this form here to apply for direct financial aid of $25-$100. Feel free to share widely with those in our community who are vulnerable and in need of financial support to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic..

A few things to know

  • Funding of up to $100 per application will be distributed as soon as possible. 

  • Applications will NOT be on a first-come, first-served basis. Instead, they will be prioritized in line with our overall commitment to the most vulnerable in our society.

  • Subsequent rounds of funding will be announced shortly (depending on the amount we are able to fundraise). 

We hear you that times are tough and the Coming Together Vancouver team hopes that this offers some hope and help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is organizing the Facebook group and fundraiser?

  • We are regular folks in Vancouver who have been active in various organizing campaigns, mutual aid work, and more importantly, in community with each other. This is a result of love for community. We are a group of volunteers, not a non-profit. That means there is no overhead. Every dollar raised is going toward groceries, supplies, and direct support.

  • We’d also like to give credit and gratitude to the Seattle Mutual Aid Solidarity Network for providing a great fundraising framework for us to build on.

Why is this your role to do this?

  • We stepped up because we didn’t see anyone else moving fast enough, and because the members of our group continued to flag how difficult it was for them to meet their basic needs right now. Our goal is to fill the gap and address immediate needs while formal institutions catch up and scale their operations. People need to be able to make ends meet before the Government’s Emergency Care Benefit Package kicks in in April.

How do I access these funds?

  • Apply here. Note that funding is not guaranteed and we will be prioritizing those who are most vulnerable in our communities. The amount that we distribute depends on the amount we are able to fundraise.

How are funds being distributed?

  • Funds will be prioritized for those who are most vulnerable. They will be distributed through e-transfer (where possible) or other options for those who do not have access to online banking. Because we are wholly volunteer-led, we have no overhead costs so every dollar can go towards those most in need.

When will funds be available?

  • As soon as possible. Our goal is to distribute before the end of March so that individuals and families can use the funds to support their immediate needs before government benefits packages kick in in April. 

How much money is available?

  • We will be funding between $25-$100 (per person) to help towards basic needs. The overall amount of funds available depends on the amount of money raised on our fundraiser.

How do you know that someone really needs support/ is not a scammer?

  • While there will be some screening of applicants, we will heavily rely on an honours-based system and community self-regulation. Our goal is rapid response relief. We believe in the goodwill and loving kindness of our community and hope that only those with real, urgent needs will apply to receive a donation.