Community Guidelines

Important Disclaimer

The creators of Coming Together Vancouver are a small group of community members who saw a need and are addressing it through the creation of a mutual aid network. We provide guidelines for best practice but do not and cannot assume any liability for any of the interactions that occur in this group.

All interactions are at your own risk.

A critical part of community care is community safety; and as such, we will be removing members who do not meet community guidelines or follow best practices. Please help us create a safe and respectful space by reporting any members, offers, or requests that go against the guidelines or make anyone feel unsafe.



If you exhibit any symptoms (such as fever, cough, shortness of breath) or have a high exposure risk (i.e. have recently returned from overseas and/or have any chronic underlying conditions). If you are developing these symptoms, please use the B.C. Government’s Self Assessment Tool or call 8-1-1.

Of course, virtual assistance is the exception! We highly encourage you to connect with each other virtually even if you are sick. 


  • Be clear if your request/offer includes financial support to help buy groceries/supplies or whether you are needing/offering delivery only.

  • If you’re dropping off medical supplies, groceries, or other goods, these should be left by the front door.

  • Avoid face-to-face contact, and maintain a 2-metre distance between people at all times.

  • Thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20-25 seconds and/or use hand sanitizer before and after coming into contact with any surfaces such as door handles, door bells, etc. 

Family washing hands


  • Medical research is not yet clear on the potential for the virus to survive on animal fur.

  • While the WHO has indicated that there are no cases of dog to human transmission, we urge potential dog walkers to weigh the risks and consider bringing their own leash if possible.

  • We asked a doctor about dog walking and he had this to say on reducing the risk of transmission:

    1) “Have pet washed before being walked by an outside person, preferably by someone not showing symptoms. If someone with symptoms, wear mask and gown for bath.”

    2) “Have walker use own leash, wear gloves, use hand sanitizer often, and do not let pet rub up on walker, no hugs. This should be a platonic walk.” 

** Please note that these best practices are derived from medical advice.
They are constantly evolving and we offer these as guidelines only. **

Keeping you safe

✅ Do post needs/offers for financial aid, emotional support, and self-isolation activities, petitions and opportunities to get involved in advocacy efforts!

✅ Help us deal with the high volume of posts by flagging content that is suspicious, problematic, or makes you feel unsafe. 

✅ Be alert for spam, scams, and any posts that may increase the risk to the community members using this service. Please report potential scams. 

✅ Do NOT hoard supplies. There is more than enough to go around, but only if each of us takes no more than we need. We must all strive to look after everyone in a way that is both kind and just.

Amplify initiatives that will pressure the government to create institutional change to support those who are vulnerable. 

We will be DELETING posts that do not follow these guidelines, including:

❌ news articles/updates

❌ medical advice

❌ conspiracy theories

❌ potential scams

❌ fear-mongering/panicked

❌ encouraging hoarding

❌ making people on the app feel unsafe in any way

❌ using this space to vent

❌ using this space to advertise paid services

❌ soliciting advice

❌ witch hunts, naming or shaming

❌ revealing of personal information and details