Connecting neighbours looking for help to those giving help during the COVID-19 pandemic

Are you in need of help during this pandemic or able to help others?

Our world is changing and so are we.

In this time of uncertainty, we can choose fear, division, hoarding, and increasing inequality across society.

Or we can choose to change the narrative.

We choose the latter.


We are bringing together people who want to tell a different story.
This is for all of us who want to connect to share resources, extend a helping hand to our neighbours, show solidarity for healthcare workers and the vulnerable, and highlight social movements that are fighting for access to healthcare, housing, and workers’ rights.

This is for people from across Vancouver to create the kind of community that we want to be a part of.

Will you join us to build
a big, bold, beautiful movement?

This app was designed with your safety and ability to connect with your neighbours in mind. Only those getting help can initiate a match and all matches are sorted by those closest to you.